Quick Summary Edit

Roii born on Earth, grew up as any other earthling did on his planet. A happy fun going child, to a emotional pubescent teenager, and now a depressed lonely man wallowing in his on sorrow, working a 9-5 just to make ends meat. Against all odds Roii always seemed to find fighting one of life's better things. He enjoyed fighting and competing against others so well he wanted to master martial arts. Thus, means his friendship and training with Carlos begins at a very young age. As he grew up he noticed that no matter how much he studied martial arts or even trained, he could never catch to the overwhelmingly gap that was between his strength, and Carlos'. In order to protect himself and the ones he love, he uses his cunningness and guerilla tactics on order to defeat his opponents, though sometimes it's not enough.

Personality Edit

At first Roii can be a pretentious ass but at least it's with reason. As a kid he grew up in West District, he was well known for his curiosity and fun loving attitude. Roii wanted to be remember for his heroic accolades and good deeds, but eventually that changed. Roii realized as he grew older that even being a hero, you can't save everyone, not even the people you love. This is the reason for his bashful attitude towards others. He believes that man is it's worse enemy, and if he could you use strength to protect himself then that's all he needs. He now knows that he can't do all himself though, therefor he content with the formed allegiance with his former enemies. He knows that there strengths are far greater than his.

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